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FDA report reveals startling increase in medical device recalls

We rely on medical professionals to provide us with the best possible care in order to ensure that we live long and healthy lives. We also rely on medical device manufacturers to build products that are both safe and reliable in order to ensure the exact same result.

Product defects in California leaving people in the hospital

Most people buy products, including food, expecting them to be safe and healthy. Customers should not have to worry about whether every product is dangerous to their health as they contemplate whether they should buy it. Unfortunately, sometimes recalls, product defects or disease outbreaks, like a recent one in California, can cause people to be more cautious about their purchases.

Medtronic guidewire recall designated as Class I by FDA

Medtronic, one of the world's largest producers of medical devices, made headlines last month when it announced that it was recalling nearly 15,000 guidewires following a comprehensive internal investigation, which revealed at least one patient injury and at least three other complaints.

Potential choking hazard forces Build-A-Bear to make recall

When it comes to our children’s toys, we often assume that they have been tested to make sure that they are safe. Sometimes, the thought that a toy is unsafe never even crosses our minds. This is especially true when it comes to stuffed animals or plush toys. In most cases, who would think that something plush and soft could be harmful?

Cookie dough recall sparks concern for people with nut allergies

Both adults and children in California are being warned of a potential safety concern involving cookie dough this month after ConAgra Foods and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a recall for Kroger’s 16-ounce Break n’Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The dough was shipped to stores in 26 states, including here in California and could present a problem for people who have nut allergies.

Natura recalls pet food over salmonella concerns

While it's most common for people to pay attention to recalls when they are for ourselves or our families, sometimes there are those recalls that involved our furry friends as well.  And after an announcement made by Natura pet food this month, many people across the nation may be thinking about the safety of their pets a little more in the months to come.

Smoked salmon products recalled because of listeria contamination

After reading several posts about the subject, readers of our blog are well aware of the dangers associated with Listeria. In March, we warned our readers about the Formaggio-brand Artisan Wraps sold at Costco warehouses that tested positive for Listeria. Before that, in September, several batches of ricotta cheese from the Fresolina brand were also recalled for the same reasons. Now, a recall on several dozen smoked salmon products sold in California has residents once again worrying about how safe their food really is.

Two frozen pizza brands recalled after plastic fragments found

DiGiorno and California Pizza Kitchen are recalling several thousand pizzas after small plastic fragments were discovered in many of the pizzas. Although Nestle USA, who currently owns both of the frozen pizza manufacturers, claims that no one has reported any injuries or deaths after having consumed the products, the company isn’t taking any chances and has issued the immediate recall of four different types of the pizza.

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