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Champions of Justice: Fighting for Safe Products

American manufacturers are, for the most part, self policing. They and their industry groups set the standards for their own products. Government agencies are too overwhelmed or don't have the authority needed to assure products are safe. That is why Girardi | Keese products liability lawyers champion the cause of justice and fight for safe products.

We are a voice for people who have been injured by unsafe products.

It takes more than being right to fight an effective product liability lawsuit. It takes time, money, experts, research and experienced attorneys to go into a courtroom against manufacturers and retailers that are well represented by armies of lawyers. At Girardi | Keese, we are fully prepared to fight large companies and tough cases.

  • Resources to build a case: A products liability case involves a lot of technical details as well as a thorough investigation into the manufacturer's business policies. We work with experts to investigate accidents and determine if an unsafe product was at fault. Working with lawyers around the country, we have built an extensive library of depositions in products liability cases — evidence that proved valuable in many cases.
  • Courtroom experience: At Girardi | Keese, we are trial lawyers. We know how to prepare effective presentations for the jury, how to cross-examine the other side's experts, how to challenge the credibility of big corporations and how to fight for justice for our clients.
  • Work with consumer advocates: Every day, we are in touch with consumer advocates, government agencies (Consumer Product Safety Commission, for example) and products liability attorneys around the nation. We continuously build our knowledge of products liability so that we stay on the leading edge of litigation. We also work with policymakers and lawmakers to change laws and regulations.
  • Lawyer referrals: Our attorneys welcome calls from attorneys who want to tell us about clients who have been injured because of unsafe products. When you return a case to us, you will be a part of the legal team throughout the case.
  • Product defects experience: When injuries are caused by manufacturing and design defects, the results can be devastating. We have handled a wide range of products liability cases that have caused injuries and wrongful deaths.

Our law firm represent clients in California and nationally. Contact us to discuss a case involving an unsafe product.


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