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Product Defects Attorneys

Fighting Back Against Unsafe Products

Manufacturers make decisions every day that affect product safety. Sometimes they make the changes that can make a product safer. But sometimes their decisions take another turn. They decide that maybe they can get away with a less-than-safe product — even when the needed change only costs a few cents or a few dollars.

Manufacturers often get away with selling defective products, even after they have injured or killed people. Why? It costs a lot of money, time and experts to prove a products liability case. And it takes a law firm with the determination and resources to fight back.

For more than 40 years, Girardi | Keese attorneys have fought for the right side. We fight for the people who have been injured by unsafe products. We are a voice for the families whose loved ones have died because of dangerous products. Girardi | Keese fights those battles because we know how to hold manufacturers accountable — and because it is the right thing to do.

When a toy chest lid fell and killed a toddler, we helped the grieving parents send a strong message to the retailer and manufacturer. When an SUV roof crush caused serious injury, our products liability lawyers proved a relatively small cost per vehicle would have made it safer, and that the manufacturer knew that before they sold the SUV.

Old tires are not safe, and the people who sell them know that. Child safety seats can shear off the base, and the manufacturers know that. An ATV's design can cause amputations in an accident, and yet the manufacturer does not change the design.

When we hear about an accident of any kind, we know that there is a good chance that the accident might have been avoided or the injuries might have been less severe if the product had been safer.

Our products liability lawyers work in California and on a national basis to fight back against unsafe products. For more information about Girardi | Keese and product liability, contact us.


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